Sudbury Hill outdoor swimming pool area and patio renovations

The brief and initial requirements

An outdoor swimming pool area renovation was required by the club as well as some renovations to their patio area.

The current sub-base had failed across both sites and needed rectifying.

The tennis courts required scissor lift access and were breaking up slabs when travelling between the club and the court.  Black tarmac was required to bridge the gap between the sun deck, the club and the court to ensure this stopped happening.

The focus was to redesign the space and renovate the existing patio and poolside area.

A fast turnaround was needed as the outdoor pool is a crucial aspect of the members contract so this needed to be done quickly.

The outside of the club did not match the luxury standards of the David Lloyd brand.   It was uneven, unsafe and looked outdated.



To turn the outside space into a relaxing zone with the David Lloyd clients being able to enjoy spending their time there. A repave of all of the outside area was required and a creation of a sun-deck with large parasols, was installed with Olive trees and shrubbery. In addition to this, intimate lighting is precisely illuminating the area to allow it to be used at all points of the working day.



The delivery of the project was completed by 7 members of staff, taking only 4 weeks to complete the poolside and 3 weeks to complete the sun deck area.

We laid high-quality, smooth tarmac between the courts and the club for safe and frequent scissor lift access whilst maintaining the luxurious standards the club required. State of the art materials were used to renovate the patio, providing it with the luxury feel it needed. The area was revamped using modern lighting which complemented the luxurious materials used.  This pool area took on a new life with contemporary-style slabs, grassed areas, shrubbery and plants.

Our clients